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    I have moved on to HDV capture (Sony HDV Z1P) but have not been able to master exporting my HD mpg 1440 x 1080 files using Adobe Media Encoder (in Adobe Pro CS3) to Flash format. I create the FLV files ok but am obviously using the wrong pathway as my video files are very small and have poor resolution on the net. The files have encoded using only single pass, rathger than double pass rendering which is obviously wrong for a start!
    I would sincerly appreciate advice from any more experienced Adobe Media Encoder user - what settings should I be using?
    Jock H

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    I don't really know, but why don't you play arroudn with it until you get the results you want, sometimes that's what it takes ,
    Normally when i do my flv files i use "super" it's a free software .
    And i always try more than one setting before i got it right .

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