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Thread: Underwater Vid - Plymouth

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    Default Underwater Vid - Plymouth

    Hi Guys,

    I recently started trying to shoot some stuff underwater, and teach myself how to edit/film, and kept coming across this forum for lots of tips. So I thought I'd post my first real effort here. Still working out some teathing problems so I hope I'll get better with time and practice.

    Was having some problems with white balance, and today's shoot was completely ruined when for some weird reason the camera gave me an error saying the heads needed cleaning and when back on the boat i realised that not a single thing had been put down... however at least i'd fixed my white balance problem.

    Anyway, enjoy, and any constructive critiscism is gratefully recieved.

    Sony HDR HC7
    Gates Manual Housing
    Pink Filter
    18W HID Light with dimpled reflector
    and a whole shit load of dive gear

    By the way if any admins are reading this there's a nice VBulletin plugin that will allow direct streaming of vids on your own forum here (I use it on a couple of my own dive forums): passiveVid - (YouTube, Myspace, Google...) Not BBCODE - Forum

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    Very nice shots, but I'd like to have seen more in terms of a 'story'. It did rather feel like you'd placed a series of clips on the time line rather than take the viewer on an underwater exploration. It would be good to set the scene a little bit by having some surface shots at the start for example, or by using the clips of the camera travelling through something at the start.

    I would also like to see a little more interaction between the music and visuals. I note that you'd picked out the word 'stars' in the song, but there didn't seem to be much interaction with the music for me.

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