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Thread: Question: Glowing overlay with green screen

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    Default Question: Glowing overlay with green screen

    Now I'm not sure how to do this and I've tried a couple of ways but with no good results. Sense i probably won't explain it that good i'm going with picture by picture to help you help me
    Here's the original clip i wanna add effects to.

    Now it's going to make a downward motion.

    So i imported the movie into Sony Vegas Pro 8 and this is what i did. I added 2 time lines and added the video to the top and a solid color (red) to the bottom time line. Then i added a Chroma Keyer (Green screen) to the video and adjusted the color so it covered my green ball (It's not all the way but Ill work the out later)

    Now that i have the ball the color i want. I want it to glow. But how would i make a green screen ball glow with a solid color? That's what I'm asking. Remember, it's a movie so i wanna have it glow where ever the ball goes in the movie. Now I'm not talking about blurring the green screen because then it makes the middle less red. I want it to keep as red as i want and be able to change the glowing amount.

    Here's a picture example of what i wanna make it look like sorta.
    The reason i wanna do this is because i don't want to have to mask it all the time. So help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Does anyone have any idea on how to do this :(

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    Can you elaborate "a green screen ball glow with a solid color" ?

    Do you mean the edge of a chroma keyed area glowing with a color other than the solid background color used in the keyed area?
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    I want green ball to glow with what ever color i pick with the green screen effect.

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    Try using the secondary color filter, then select the green ball and use the hue to change it color.

    Have a look at this tutorial
    Sony Creative Software - Newsletter - August 2007

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