Hi all, this is my forst post and would like to say that I have enjoyed reading the forum so far.

I am a complete newb as far as most are concerned. I used to make little movies when I was younger with my friends but it was just point and shoot from a auto everything cam. I have always wanted to learn how to shoot and edit video correctly and as always the more you look into a hobby the more deep and complictaed it becomes !

My question is this, sorry if it seems a bit nieve but what is the point and differences of frame rates ?

I live in Uk and I assume my videos are shot at 25 fps ? A tv refresh rate is 50hz and therefore once again I assume that it displays a frame per 2 cycles ?

If I watch a film that is NTSC I can see no real difference between that and pal although the frame rates are different. Also I have been reading about 24fps for film like effect. Are there any links or books like a dummies guide that will explain this in laymans terms for me to understand ??

Many thanks for reading the thread .. !