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Thread: Help with background noise filtiring

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    Default Help with background noise filtiring

    Hey everyone,

    I made a video interview with a band, with my digital camera and there was some annoying background noise (people shouting, tables moving and drums testing). And I would like to filter that out as best as I can possibly do. Is there any tips on how to do it?

    P.S. I have Adobe Audition 2.0

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    Try taking out some of the low end; like some of the bass and/or mid

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    " Boost a little at 125Hz to 250Hz to accentuate the voice fundamental and make it more �chesty�-sounding. The 2kHz to 4kHz range accentuates the consonants and makes the vocal seem closer to the listener. "


    Magic Frequencies

    But to be honest I doubt much can be done. Crap in crap out - the most important thing always is to record things with the upmost of care and with approprite equipment - in this case I would go for a hand held cardioid mic - sm58 is what i use.

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    Yea. I'd try some EQ. Look at 3Khz and 8Khz as thas where you get the clarity and sibilance of a voice.

    Removing the low end up to 110 Hz might help.

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