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Thread: Erratic frame skipping in AE

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    Question Erratic frame skipping in AE

    So I recorded a short MPEG with one of those point-and-shoots from Sony (model DSC-W90.) I import it to After Effects and proceeded to duplicating and adding a simple mask. I then keyframe the path shape and feathering of a foreground shot. When I render the final shot, it is inexplicably erratic. It skips several frames and sometimes goes back a few before continuing. Assuming something was wrong with the way I rendered it, I go back to the comp and play the shot using AE's player (a.ka. pressing the spacebar.) The same thing occurs.

    Anyone have any idea how to resolve this? I have "Preserve Constant Vertex Count when Editing Paths" turned off. I have tried the same masking technique with the thing on and get the same result.

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    Try purging the project (edit/purge) before you render.. that has worked a few times for me..

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    It might be because it's an mpeg file rather than a .avi or .mov file.

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    Thanks for the quick replies, guys. I purged it with no avail :(
    I really don't have the time to convert to MPEGS to AVI. It says here
    After Effects CS3
    that MPEG video is supported, though.

    Any more suggestions?
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