Hi Guys,

I have some equipment from my previous analogue Beta SP set up for sale.

All is in good condition and I am Flexible on price so if any or all of it takes you fancy let me know.


1 x JVC KY-27 Camera body
1 x Fujinon FVZ A14x10 BRM12U (1:1.7/10-140mm) Lens
1 x Sony PVV3 Player (Head drum: 0152, Tape transport: 0082, Total: 0323)


1 x DPL Mains Transformer & Battery Charger
6 x NP-1A Batteries
1 x Sony BC-1WA Charger


1 x Sony UVW-1800P (Drum: 0059, Tape: 0042, Thread: 0326, Oper: 0775)


1 x Sony PVM 1442QM


1 x Pinnacle Liquid Silver Edit Suite

Liquid Silver Codec PCI Interface board
Liquid Silver Breakout Box
Video Inputs: SDI (SMPTE 259 M, Embedded Audio) BNC, 75 Ohms
CVBS (Composite) BNC, 75 Ohms
Y/C (S-Video) 4 Pin Hosiden
Component YUV BNC 75 Ohms, x 3
Video Outputs: SDI (SMPTE 259 M, Embedded Audio)
Component YUV
Audio Inputs: 4 Channels SDI Embedded BNC, 75 Ohms
2 Channels AES/EBU, XLR, 3 Pin
2 Channels Analog (600/10k Ohms, -6,0,+4,+6 dBU)
Audio Outputs: 2 Channels SDI Embedded
2 Channels AES/EBU
2 Channels Analog
Refernce: Video Out (CVBS, BNC)
Black Burst Out (BNC)
Remote: RS-422 (9 Pin)
Pinnacle Liquid Silver (V 2.55 Software)
Pinnacle Commotion
Pinnacle Impression

Many Thanks,

Nick Papworth