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Thread: Timecode and Batchcapture Problems

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    Unhappy Timecode and Batchcapture Problems

    I am jusing Premiere Pro and I have a big Problem with the BatchCapture.
    Everything was working fine but then suddenly the timecode wasn t working properly any more.
    Its like that. When I play footage from the Cam (its a HD Cam Sony HDR-HC7, and I am Capturing not in HD but in NTSC but in Pal I have the same problem now) the timecode is sometimes the same as on the camera but sometimes not.
    But when I fast forward its completely different, sometimes more than 10 minutes less than the real timecode.
    So if I log clips and switch to Batch, the recorded clips are completely different.
    And its not stopping any more. So if it starts capturing it goes over the log endpoint and just keeps on recording for ever....
    I have done nothing. Everything worked fine and suddenly it started like that.
    What can I do?
    Please help me. Thanks a lot.
    Best Regards

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    Hi Stefan,

    I'm almost positive that you are having the same problem as I once had. If so, your problem is not with your software, but with the tape itself.

    The timecode on your tape is "tied" to areas where recorded video is present. That's why a brand new blank tape has no timecode on it - if you watched the whole tape, it would be all black with no timecode.

    When you start recording anywhere on a blank tape, the timecode starts at 00:00:00 and goes up from there. However, if there is "blank" tape between two scenes (and by that I mean, areas of the tape that have never been recorded on), the timecode will start over at 00:00:00 following the "blank" area.

    What probably happened was this: let's say you were just recording two scenes, and both of them were one minute long. If you recorded them back-to-back and left no "blank" tape in between them, then the first one would be from 00:00:00 to 01:00:00, and the second scene from 01:00:01 to 02:00:00. When you captured them using these timecodes, premiere would automatically grab each of them by searching for that unique spot on the tape. However, if there was even one frame of "blank" tape between those two scenes, then the timecode would have started over at zero when you began recording the 2nd scene. This would leave you with two different scenes at two different parts of the tape, both with a timecode of 00:00:00 to 01:00:00.

    The only way that Premiere knows how to capture your footage is by the timecodes that you mark, but having this blank space on tapes makes multiple scenes with the same timecode - making it impossible for premiere to tell which is which.

    1. Always completely record over brand new tapes. Some people will leave the lens cover on and just record solid black in order to set the timecode on the tape all the way through to 60:00:00 or whatever. This will prevent this problem in the future, ensuring that the whole tape has the proper and non-multiple timecodes.
    2. Try the "Capture" function button labeled "tape" with "Scene Detect" on - at least, that's how it works for me in PPro 7. I think this will automatically capture the whole tape, and does a decent job of breaking up the scenes.
    3. Manually record each scene. Actually use the Play and Record functions in the capture screen to make sure you're getting everything you need.
    4. This one is a stretch, but: on previous tapes when my timecode had multiple 00:00:00s or other timecodes that were causing errors, I was able to manually fast forward the tape beyond the "blank" area that had reset that tape's timecode, and then told premiere to continue logging those scenes. I had to manually watch to make sure it was going correctly, but as I recall it did work.

    Hope this helps, let me know.

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    Its not a problem with the tape timecode because I was able to log and Batch this tapes before without problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StefanJC View Post
    Its not a problem with the tape timecode because I was able to log and Batch this tapes before without problems.
    With the same footage on?

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