hi !

Im wondering for about years what is the filter ,effect, procces on video to get that FLAT image !
I search a LOT on the internet with no luck ! Before say something i know about 35mm, the lights,
and a few things more ! BUT thats is not what im searching ! To have an idea im talkig to get the image of the video like FLAT colors ! OK take Bear grill man vs. wild that serie is like i say FLAT BUT if you see survivor man is more LIVE image and both are made with handy cams i think AND I KNOW expensive ! BUT i think is a post production thing ! Antother one take " Rachel Ray Show " os " Whos line is it " are VIVID in image like a LIVE texture THEN take GIADA " Giada De Laurentiis Show " or " Ana montana " And they have that FLAT image !

How they do that ?
What is it name ?
Someone here that can reproduce that ?

Thanks !