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Thread: How to make text readable?

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    Default How to make text readable?

    On my video (the quality was on "Economy"), I recorded a piece of paper from, say 7 to 10 feet away. Upon playback, I notice that the letters are not distinguishable at all.. all I can see when I pause it are the text, but I can only distinguish between the lines (the font on the sheet of paper is about 12)..
    Is there any video editing software (or method) that I can use so that I can make the text visible and readable?
    Note: I do NOT know what the handout says.. I have no clue what the text says on the handout.. I'm hoping for a way to be able to edit the video so that it I can accurately read what is on the paper..

    Thanks for any suggestions..

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    If you set the recording quality to 'economy' then you are applying a lot of compression to the video and therefore small items such as text will be affected. The sharpness of the text will be lost and make it much more difficult to read. The same thing happens when you apply compression to jpeg images in an image editor, the quality goes way down. And once it's gone there is no way of getting it back as the data has been discarded. What handout are you referring to?

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    It is necessary for you to do high quality video (for example, set high bitrate for encoding video), to make a font of the text higher and may be applay stroke effects.

    You can try Watermark Master for it.

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