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    Power Director Problems


    I'm a novice at editing. I have having problems splicing two bits of video together in the Power Director "Master Video track" . I have got two bits of video side by side. I have noticed that you have to use the "lock/unlock" feature in order to be able to get the slider to go past the join. I guess you have to have them locked when you use "Produce" in order for them to form one complete video. I am having problems with the "trim" feature. The "mark in" works ok because it is in the first video segment. But when I try to use the "set mark out" timers, when I set it at 19 minutes it jumps back to 4 minutes. Previously when I set it it was jumping back to 14 minutes which is when the first segment ends.

    Is there a procedure for joining the two segments that I have missed?

    Cheers Chris Parkinson

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    Hi There .
    I too am new to this software, however if you have two clips (ie) two bits of video
    then all you need to do to say take out any unwanted bits is to have the view set to clips
    and click into the clip so the border turns green to indicate its selected
    then use the scrubber (the little marker at the top of the time line to increment + in time or vice verse until you find the frame or unwanted bit of video you dont want .. and then on the left hand side of the screen select "Split". then again using the scrubber continue untill you see the next but if clip youi do want , and click on split again ...
    then click on the previous clip and right mouse click and select delete .. this will then leave you with your wanted clips .. all you need to do now is go to produce and save it as a file save dvd hq .. to disk give it a file name and there you go ...

    you then need to use a disc authorising software and add you video , add your background, menu buttons etc then burn to disc.. if you have added your vidfeo correctly you will get
    a menu up , with all your other movies you have made and they will play once and then return to the menu ..

    XXXX note XXXX i cannot get powerproducer to produce a complete disc with menus on , that
    once a chapter has been played it will return back to the menu awaiting your nect selection ..
    for some stupid reason it seems to ahve been left out so as some one else has said
    its a single line chapter burner ...

    try powerproducer to burn your projects to disk , its basic but works ..

    dont forget you can use the + and - keys on the number pad to zoom in and out of the time line .. and you dont need to use lock or unlock for any of the thing you are doing its used in quite a different way .



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