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    Hey there guys.

    Me and my friends are making a video project for English class. We used three cameras. The first 2 cameras worked fine when we captured them in Pinnacle Studio 10. However, when we capture the 3rd camera, although it looks fine viewing it from the camera, the video seems to move much faster than the audio.

    It's almost like the video moves at 2x speed which audio stays a 1x. The camera is a Sony Digital Handycam. It uses tape, if that helps.

    This project is due in like 2 weeks and I really need to get it done. Please help!!


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    Regarding your problem I think you have there 2 video standards. The 2 cam are in NTSC and the other one cam is in PAL, something like this. But I'm amazed how pinnacle let you put together?

    Advice: take care with pinnacle 10, there are a lot of bugs.

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