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    Hi there.

    I'm looking to purchase my first camcorder ideally a cheap MiniDV.

    I was looking at the JVC GR-D760 Mini DV Digital Camcorder which I can get as a graded return for 129.99 inc P&P.

    This has most of the features I want including USB (I dont have firewire on my laptop), low light shooting mode, widescreen and still shot. I also liked the fact it had a slow motion mode but this is not essential.

    Really I want a cheap and cheerful all rounder with good quality indoors and out.

    I would appreciate any thoughs on this particular model and any similar ones that I might pick up either graded stock or second hand for around 100.

    If you mention any other makes/models a link to any reviews or further information would be much apprecited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leigh030974 View Post
    ideally a cheap MiniDV.

    I want including USB (I dont have firewire on my laptop)
    USB is provided for transferring STILLS. You will need firewire to capture from MiniDV (and I'm virtually certain this applied to ALL MiniDV cameras.

    The alternative is to use the analogue output and combine this with an analogue/DV capture device but this will cost more than your budget (as well as lose quality)

    Time for a re-think?

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    I see you have been influenced by the 'low light shooting mode'. This must be the tenth thread I have read recently on the forum where this has come up. If you want good quality video forget about a camcorders quoted low light capability and get more lights into a scene otherwise it will be dark and noisy.

    Most camcorders use Gain to brighten the picture but you loose quality. It's just a gimmick when sales staff say a camcorder can shoot in near darkness or in total darkness and you can still get great looking video... what a load of nonsense. It used to be digital zooms, but we soon seen through that scam.

    You'll be hard pressed finding a mini dv for 100 will all those features you are looking for, but do a search on eBay and you never know what you might find. Personally, I'm not a big fan of eBay, there have been numerous horror stories on here in the past two years where people have been ripped off and for a lot more than 100. So just beware when you see a camcorder you like, if you can go and test it out before parting with your money, then do so or bring someone along who knows about camcorders and what they should do and shouldn't do.

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    Thanks for your advice, I did purchase the JVC GR-D760EK off e-bay, brand new with guarentee for 130! It arrived and seems great so far! I did not realise that i would need firewire to transfer the videos taken on it to my laptop though :-( I presumed the usb2 would do that also. I will have to possibly re think how to edit my films now, lol! The low light feature was just one of the things i listed but it is not that important, the main issue for me was value for money and ease of use, and i think i have got these with this particular camcorder as a first/beginners one. Thankyou again for your reply.

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