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Thread: audio out of sync problem, decompressor needed

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    Default audio out of sync problem, decompressor needed


    does anyone know how to decompress the audio in a wmv file? Id like to convert it to pcm but obviously in the same file so i can convert it to dvd. I had the same problem with avi files, but i found a decompressor and the audio is now in sync, i just need to do the same with wmv files.


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    Try mediacoder. Free download utility. So far, I haven't found a compressed file that it won't transcode to whatever format I need and I have un-compressed some pretty obscure file types with unheard of codecs. Audio is always in sync.

    Mediacoder needs Firefox browser to work best.

    Open mediacoder then open your file and upper right box gives you all info re your file including video and audio details.

    You can use simple generic conversion by clicking on "extensions" then "video disc player" and a box will open up showing the expected transcode file characteristics which you can change - like mine defaults to mpeg2 PAL and since I am in the US I change that one property to mpeg2 NTSC 720X480.

    Tell it to start and away it goes. It just converted a 27meg .vlf file I downloaded from My Space into a de-compressed mpeg2 161meg file in under four minutes.
    Give it a try.

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