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Thread: Is non-distorted vertical video possible?

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    Default Is non-distorted vertical video possible?

    Hello - a newbie question perhaps, but can anyone tell me if video shot vertically can be viewed without being compressed and distorted? I've just tried using Ulead's new VideoStudio 12's rotate function and it came out not looking very good. Any advice? Read the manual again? Just don't try such a strange thing?

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    Can't you apply that effect and export it with no compression ?

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    Default Fraid I used the DVD wizard

    Thanks for replying, but I'm afraid I'm new to this all. To save it without compression, does that mean I need to save the original AVCHD file as an AVCHD file? rather than going to standard DVD with it? Worry there is no one I know has an AVCHD player.

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    Probably vlc would play it, but try export it to "mov" or "mp4" at it's full resolution and see what happens if it plays ok that you should be able to export it to SD, just check your settings .

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    Default Love all these formats in video-land

    Thanks very much RDINIS. I have worked with still shots a lot, where we use TIFFs to keep quality at the maximum level. In the video world, is an mpeg4 file the same thing? Will give this a try tonight.

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    I just wanted you to try it, but i think mov as better quality if you choose the right setting if your export settings,and then try dv-mpg2 so you can make your dvd .

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    I see - MOV gives me better quality. I will be careful in my export settings, and then try dv-mpg2 when I make my DVD. Will get back to you about how it turns out. Many thanks!

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