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Thread: How can I create Video Distortion?

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    Talking How can I create Video Distortion?

    I have After Effects 7.0 and Adobe Premiere 2.0.
    I am working with HDV 1440x1080.

    I want to know how I can make some video distortion...

    This is for a project we are working on that simulates what would happen to the video signals if a solar flare were to hit the earth. So I am talking about scrambles, white noise, digital drop out, etc. It doesn't have to be authentic. I have to mix the footage in and out of said scrambles. How would you suggest doing that?

    Here are some examples:

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    Well I guess we have some nice effects either in adobe premiere or after effects, so just cut pieces of your footage in the timeline and apply those effects, play with them until you find those you like .

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