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    I have several LP records that I want to capture. I can capture the audio in Ppro 1.5. I capture each side of the LP and 1 clip is created with all of the songs on that side of the LP. I want to be able to make individual clips of each song. Example 1 clip may contain 7 songs. I want to make a clip of each song so I can then compile a CD. Can any one help me. Many thanks.

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    I don't know Ppro,

    But software like 'Audacity' can easily split an audio file into sections.

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    That's really easy dude, just do what you did and then put your footage in the source monitor and slide the bar untill the end of the first song , mark it and pull it to the timeline and there you have one song, do the same but for the second song, mark the first point (where the song starts and the second and last point (where the song ends) and dragg it to the second timeline and so on for the rest and then export each timeline as audio and there you have your songs separately .

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    Thanks Mosh and RDINIS for you replies. RDINIS I should have known this since the same applies to video clips DAAAH!!!See you forgot more than I will ever know!!!

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