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Thread: Shaky text animation?

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    Default Shaky text animation?

    Hi all, I'm a novice in the Sony Vegas scene so I've just started to play around with text effects and keyframes. I've noticed a couple of instances (so far) where any animation using text comes out very shaky and unsteady as it goes along the animation...a couple of examples:

    a) Scrolling text from bottom to top of screen whilst rotated slightly backwards (Star Wars intro style).

    b) Shrinking text in the middle, starting really big but gradually getting smaller and smaller.

    I've tried a couple of different fonts (times new roman too) and the problem is still there. Is there any way to get past this?

    Appreciate it, thanks.

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    I dont think vegas's strong point is the text. The new version improves it a bit but still isnt the best. I use after effects for the text.
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    Sorry, I'm still pretty new so I'm not quite sure what you mean by after-effects. Is it possible to do, for example, a Star Wars style scrolling effect using them? Is there a plug-in that helps text animation?


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