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    If someone gets a spare 30 seconds or so, can they take a look at this article about DVD camcorders and tell me about any inaccuracies etc?

    I'm making it a mini-project to stop people buying 'em so people don't post "I've got a DVD camcorder... how do I edit the footage".

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    Not a bad article, I'm no expert but it seems correct. I dislike DVD cameras, I don't see the big advantage over DV tapes but I do see the disadvantages which you mentioned.

    Who are you writing this for? The informed or the casual user? I'd think the last group, in that case I'd recommend some kind of overview/schematic that compares the formats, pros and cons. The article is sometimes maybe not biased ENOUGH, I can see you try to stay objective but at the same time you prefer DV. You might want to make that point more clear. And because of the almost identical names of DV and DVD it is hard sometimes to keep them apart. More subjective writing might cure that.

    Just some suggestions, I mean it in a constructive way, on the whole it is informative and well written.


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    It could almost be seen as a step back to analogue in terms of non-linear editing. I just know there's going to be a LOT of frustrated users when buyers realise it's not quite what they expected - on the one hand you've got the PC vendors selling PCs on the strength of digital video editing, on the other you have Sony et al selling camercorders with no DV connection!

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