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Thread: how to do this effect in Vegas 8

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    Default how to do this effect in Vegas 8

    Hi all,

    i dont have any video to explaing what i want. let me put thos things in words.

    the effect i want is

    If i wave my hand from right to left on screen 6 layers of my hands should move with the real hand.. the extra layers wont have the skin colour.. its opaque, but the spaces between layers are very less
    can you come to some imagination ?If i wave all layers will come to gether , assume that except hand nothing is moving in screen...
    please reply me if u have further doubts

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    Sorry, I'm really struggling to work out what you mean. I'm guessing English isn't your first language, but my failure to understand goes way beyond that which a language barrier might explain.

    Can you try explaining a different way? Take as long as you like.

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    Default this is the video graphic i want

    hi please see this link and provide me some ideas

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    simple, i knew what u meant without the video. The key is to have a still camera, Have the subject in the middle and have that person do something in front of the camera like your instance move the arms and hands. To achieve the effect you see in that video, you would need at least like 10 tracks where each track has the same video clip but you move the track back oh so slightly. Make the opacity of all the tracks like 50% or higher. The lower the opacity, the more of the motion blur you see, vice-versa if you raise opacity. That will give you the effect. If the camera moves at all in the footage; it will ruin the effect.
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    Sithxace, thank you very much, its working perfectly fine though i dint shoot it with real video, i done it with some samples, it was workin fine..

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