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Thread: Turning off standby mode

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    Default Turning off standby mode

    I got a sony handycam dcr-trv19e and when its on and not recording it will turn off after a couple of mins to save the battery which is good but sometimes i plug it into the tv and place the camera near my pool so i can watch the kids or facing my front yard to watch if anyone comes to the door, almost like a easy security camera and was wondering if it was possible to make it stay on and not turn off after a couple of mins
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    That won't be a problem because the camera will go off only when it is in camera mode but when it is in play mode it won't . And even in camera mode I think that you should be able to choose it .

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    Dont leave a tape in =] That usally keeps it going. Other wise do the opersite and put a tape in and press record!

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