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Thread: Black Edges on Capture to Software

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    Arrow Black Edges on Capture to Software

    I am running Premiere Elements 2, and I have a Sony DVCAM DSR-200P digital camcorder, using Sony PDV-124ME DVCAM digital video cassettes.
    The footage is being transferred direct from the DVCAM into Premiere Elements 2.0 via the computer's FireWire socket.

    The problem I will now describe occurs in all video editing software (Premiere Elements/MovieMaker) so one assumes that the problem is coming from the Camcorder itself.

    When Capturing from the DV Cam to the video editing software, the left and right sides are black on the Capture screen, as if the footage does not fill the entire screen.
    Indeed, when capturing is complete and now in Edit mode, the left & right sides are still black. It goes further to add these black sides to the actual finished DVD after burning.
    Whilst then in Edit mode in Prem Elements, I can select the footage and DRAG the edges of it to make it bigger and fill the screen, but I am sure I am loosing quality.
    I have tried everything I know about the Cam to try and make the picture bigger, but I just cannot figure out why the footage does not fill the Capture screen.

    I have attached a screenshot with arrows showing the captured Video in the timeline with these black edges visible.

    Thank you for any advice.

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    At a guess I would say you shot the video at 720 x 576 pixels (PAL - if you reside in the UK or Ireland) but the project file in the software is set up for 768 x 576 (PAL - if you reside in the UK or Ireland) and so the smaller video size doesn't quite fill the entire frame. Just check those settings to see if that's what is wrong.
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    Default Re: Black Edges on Capture to Software

    That sounds very logical!
    Here are the settings inside Premiere Elements:

    Editing mode: DV PAL
    Timebase: 25.00 fps
    Video Settings
    Frame size: 720h 576v (1.067)
    Frame rate: 25.00 frames/second
    Pixel Aspect Ratio: D1/DV PAL (1.067)
    Fields: Lower Field First
    Audio Settings
    Sample rate: 48000 samples/second
    Capture Format
    DV Capture
    Video Rendering
    Maximum Bit Depth: Off
    Preview File Format: DV PAL
    Compressor: DV PAL
    Color depth: Millions of colors

    I can't even change the Frame size as it is greyed out.

    Any other ideas..?
    And Thank YOU!

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    How did you captured your video ?
    What software did you use to capture ?
    Was it 4:3 or 16:9 ?

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    Hello, yes 4:3
    Both the camera and software are set to this.
    The footage was captured on a Sony DVCAM DSR200P onto DVCAM cassettes.
    The footage was then transfered via FireWire direct from the DVCAM to Premeire Elements 2.0.

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    Well here is some new test results that may help to whittle down the cause:
    I have just plugged the DVCam into the television via the 3 phono plugs (red/white/yellow) and played the same footage - And no black edges.
    It would seem then, that this problem is only being caused when using the FireWire connections...

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    The tv screen doesn't show all the picture, so you won't see the black lines at either side. Do a search on Google for Underscan and Overscan and that will explain what is going on.

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    Dont worry, on full wide my sony vx9000 does the same (befor i broke it anyway), as does my much newer jvc dv5001.

    Like niko says it wont show on a tv and if you want to get rid just crop the shots a teeny bit.

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    Smile Re: Black Edges on Capture to Software

    Thank you!
    I have tested that out - and indeed you are RIGHT!
    I only wonder now why that happens when using the FireWire and not the audio/video phono leads.
    But anyway, thank you!

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