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    I have a Sony Digital 8 Handycam DCR-TRV140 and my mom just picked up a fire wire cord. My question is does it have to be to work with Sony Camcorders or does it just have to be the right number of pins. Cuz I took a look at the cord and it looks like it would go right in. But i dont want to screw up anything by hooking up the wrong cord. Please Reply, Cause im axcious to try out this firewire (she also picked up a card to go with) Thanks

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    Ilink = DV = Firewire = IEEE 1394. Different names, same thing.
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    Ok, Thanks Mark for the very fast reply.

    P.S. very nice and helpful site.

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    There are 2 different types of firewire cord...a 6 to 4 pin and a 6to 6 pin...most cameras use a 6 to 4.

    6-Pin to 6-Pin

    6-Pin to 4-Pin

    Notice the different connector?

    i hope this answers ur ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters
    Ilink = DV = Firewire = IEEE 1394. Different names, same thing.
    It's amazing the way you have to come on a video editing forum to find that out for sure.

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