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    Hi guys,
    I've been using Vegas for a few weeks now and wondered if it's possible to do a partial fade out on a video clip.

    Basically, I've got a background clip @ 100% opacity & want it to fade down to 50% opacity whilst some text appears over it. Obviously, I can fade the clip to 0% but this is no use as I need it to be still visible behind the text. I'm using Vegas 6.

    Any suggestions?



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    Everybody around these parts knows that I have a preference for Envelopes and Track Header. SO, how about a Level and/or Fade Envel?

    If you are using any FULL BLOWN VEGAS from about 5 .. . could be 6 .. . click on :

    Automation Settings Icon in Track Header and you will get 2 extra sliders. You adjust in REALTIME and have the progression be "latched" in real time - you gotta see that!!

    Loads to do there. I use this all the time. Great tool.


    Put in an opacity/level envelope and adjust to infinity - if you want?

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    Thanks for the reply Grazie, I thought the way to go was with an Envelope but didn't realise that 'Track Composite Level' was the one to do that.

    Anyway, it's sorted now - pretty easy once you know how



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    Another way is to place the titles above the clip and then split the bottom clip at the start and end of the titles, drag each side of the bottom clip in so get a cross fade and then go to the top of the bottom clip and pull the opacity level down.

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