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    Default Authoring software and capturing

    Hi all,

    I have a question regards to filming and authoring, not sure what to call it or where to post it so here goes:

    1. We're going to record footage and we would like to do the following:
    1.1 Show the footage directly onto over head projectors (connected to computer of course)
    1.2 Record and dump the footage (unedited - no need) onto a DVD.

    Which software can you recommend I can use to dump / stream the footage to the projectors?
    and here's the tricky one, which software would you recoomend we use to Author the footage to DVD... the problem here is this... We already have other footage and a structure set out for the DVD.. Menu's, sub menu's and footage relating to those... but the footage being recordered and viewed over the over head projectors, needs to be "converted adn burnt" to a master DVD and in the correct place. The footage is not going to be edited in any way, just captured and then burnt. But we need this sorta done in a very quick time frame...

    Is this possible? What could anyone recommend.

    Please and thank you.

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    If that is allyou want then I donot recommend any software at all.

    Why not just play back whatever you have on your video camera into the back of a DVD recorder (under your TV) and hit the record button?

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for the quick reply, really appreciate it.

    There is no TV or DVD recorder available.
    Basically, i might add this, is, it is for a church and the sermons are being recorded, but then slapped into a DVD with various other clips and video already in a template.

    Recording it straight through a DVD recorder makes better sense I guess, but that option is not currently available, it could become one though.

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