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Thread: Pinnacle Studio Ulitmate 11 - turtle slowing processing

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    Default Pinnacle Studio Ulitmate 11 - turtle slowing processing

    Hello All,
    I have just purchased Pinnacle Studio Ulitmate 11 and having such slow processing times....since I am a beginner at this...all I have been doing is taking a couple of VCD files and combining them into one AVI or MPeg 1/2 file. it is taking in upwards of 10hours. We have beyond the minimum for computer hardware but slow would be a good thing at this point. is my hardware specs

    Quad Core 2.6 gHz 12m L2 Cache
    DDr2 800 2 gig memory
    SLI vido card (2-8500 Nividias)
    and we are running XP pro is this little tidbit that I am thinking maybe be causing my problem....we are running utorrent in the background...could this be my problem? I know it slows everything else down on the computer.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Jennifer R.

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    don't know why i have to do this....

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    It's impossible to work slowly with what you have. Very important component is motherboard, if the motherboard doesn't have high bus you will not have the desired speed. What I suspect at your environment is the software PC. To be more precisely, I think that you have to reinstall your windows, to be clean with not too many dll, I mean not too many programs installed.

    Don't forget also to check you PC against viruses and about your utorrent it must be no problem as soon as the traffic (upload/download) is under 300KBps.

    Pinnacle 11 is a real improve from the last release v10, which was a disaster.

    good luck!

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