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    Exclamation VGA Capturing problems

    Hi, i'm wanting to capture a DVI signal from a DVD and display it on a large conference screen but still maintain a high screen resolution for the presentation. Anyone have any ideas on how I can do this. Any help would be much appreciated, Innov8media

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    Default VGA capturing solution.

    Hey just read ur vga capturing problems thread and thought this might help. Feel free to check it out:

    Hope this helps, Imagesolutions4u.

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    This is something I have much experience with. I assume you're intending to use an LCD projector? If so, just take the output from the DVD player straight into the projector. Resolutions are surprisingly good from projectors these days, but the environment it's being used in plays a huge part. My experience is in theatres and the machine we use is an Eiki theatre projector. It works a treat from the back of the room (usually about fifty feet from projector to screen) and even with stage lighting, the image is outstanding. The image is usually between thirty and fifty feet across. You'll need a fireproof screen (certificated) if you're going to use it in a theatre unless they have their own.

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