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Thread: my clip wont play :( 10?

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    Default my clip wont play :( 10?

    some years ago i snipped a bit of video from some webcam footage and looped it up to play away till the end of time, only that was two pcs ago now and ive never seen it since. ive sent this off to the likes of mystic media and there clueless, said it should be 8.4 megs as its an avi, told them the file size was adequate, they agreed and said it was beyond them! so theres a little challenge, beat the profesionals

    ok, the movie is 225kb, its at 15fps, lasts 2.6 seconds, 39 frames. frame size is 240xerm...320 i think, its 24bit at 73kbps and uniview will let it roll the frames but show nothing, where as realplayer will load the first page and freeze but it does show, ive a single still from the movie i kept along with the movie and from the size of it i know without doubt the file is not corrupted in terms of size. i ran avidiag on it, and it reports as windows does, saying the file size is 195kb so it may be truncated. ive seen various clues such as its a video DIB with fourcc provideing unknown codecs (fourcc is 32bit though) and theres talk of it being RIFF, i rare old windows media thing. as you may be realiseing im not daft but i know nothing at all about this kind of thing so im at the end of the road and i really want this thing fixing.
    i think the original software i used looked very much like aviedit, putting a thin green red or green line round selected windows, only there were left n right markers at the end of the screen(i think), the main keys were bigger along the top, there was a time base along the bottom, and it may of been a red red window where as windows r blue normally along the top. it seemed to have just the same type n amount of compression things on, as i read the name it rang bells, and using it was ringing bells, its very similar...maybe a different version...i dunno... :(

    im going to make this interesting, if its a simple bit of sortware i need then great!! but if you take the file from me, fix it, and turn it into something normal, like a giff, then i will pay you! and if 10 doesnt make you happy i will up the stakes. ive had it a good few years and i want it back!!

    ps, yeah....ofcource its a 'home movie' feel free to put me on messenger, even host it if u like so everyone can have a crack at it, or pm your e-mail and i will send it. thanx 4 reading

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    Send it to my email address.

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    go on, gimme a look as well. It's my name

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