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Thread: Recommendations: Software to add titles to video's:

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    Default Recommendations: Software to add titles to video's:

    Hi! there again,

    With the help of many of you kind people, I am now getting the hang of editing my video's. Now I would like to attempt to insert titles, at the beginning of my video's, and possibly insert different dates etc., between some of the frames.
    I would therefore like some recommendations on suitable free/trial software with which to fulfil this objective. The only reason I prefer free/trial software is the fact that should I purchase a programme which I find unsuitable, which I have done in the past, then it has been a waste of money.
    Many thanks to all who take the time to reply with recommendations.

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    If you just wish to insert title slides at the start and end of your video then Paint will do the job. If Paint is a bit too basic then download the GIMP 2, which is a freeware image editor. It has a lot of features including layers, masks and filters. You will find more links in a thread I started in Forum Announcements, News and Off Topic.

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    Do you want to add titles that will appear or scroll on top of you video image or do you want add a separate title "page" separate from your video?

    Either is a relatively easy and basic feature of most all consumer editing software programs.

    If you have a pc with a dvd drive that records or "burns" then it probably came with software for editing video for dvd creation.

    Pinnacle, Adobe and ULead all offer free trial versions via internet download.

    My personal preference is ULead Video Studio and I and others can help you understand the few steps for what you are trying to accomplish plus ULead and the other software makers have free forums that you can join and get tons of help.

    Please let us know a bit more about what you want to do so we can be more specific.

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    Many thanks for your replies, Nikosony and Imjay.
    Imjay, as you are aware from my previous posts, I am new to this game of editing, but thanks to people like yourself, I am staring to get the idea. The video, or DVD, I am trying to make, is from camcorder recordings of New Years Eve parties, at a local country club, in the years 1991, 1992 and 1993. They contain movie clips of a very good friend of mine, who is now deceased, and three other local people, who are also deceased. Due to the fact that I have offerred copies of this DVD to relatives of the people filmed, I want to make it as good as possible.
    You can assume that as the video tape is so old, that the recordings, which are good, are NOT brilliant. I have perused the website, and I believe that the best file system, for giving the best results in picture quality is MPEG2. If you doubt this please let me know. However I would like to put a title at the beginning of the movie, prior to the showing of the clips, and between each year of recording, so the viewers know which year they are viewing etc.
    Incidentally Imjay, another slight problem you may be able to help me with is:
    I am actually using AVS4YOU video editor, to edit my video recordings, as I do find this reasonably easier than other programmes I have tried, but one thing still bugs me. Sometimes when I edit a video, and save it on the programme, I attempt to reload or open it again, and although I can find the video in My Documents, it will NOT let you re-open or load it back in the editing programme.
    I appear to have several copies of the same video's in the My Documents folder, due to trying to re-open them in video editor again. Any advice or suggestions on this matter would also be appreciated.
    Many, many thanks for all your help.

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    You can also look on Watermark Master! Very good soft for you.

    Add Titles, watermarks, ... and very easy (you can use Wizard)

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    I am not familiar with the program you referenced.

    IMO - old analog video shot with VHS or Betamax camcorders capture with about as good a guality as you are going to get as mpeg2 with 720X480 resolution (NTSC-US) or 720X567 (PAL). You should be able to capture from your old tape, edit and render as a completed mpeg2 project file with little or no visual loss.

    Unless there is a glitch in the software you should be able to save unfinished projects and re-open them to continue your work - I can't image why you can't re-open uncompleted editing projects.

    If your program includes creation of graphics and titles there should be "buttons" in the program's workspace toolbar that you click on to open and work window to select type style and type size and create title pages and then how the title will appear (fade in/out or push in from side or scroll from bottom to top or whatever) and when finished there should be a way to drop the title into the time line where you want it to begin.

    For example, ULead Video Studio has a title line in the project timeline work space and you drag and drop the title page(s) there. Then you simply click and drag/expand the title for as long a time as you want it to appear.

    If you drop the title content under part of your video it will appear and scroll (or whatever) over that portion of your video.

    OR - You can capture a still frame from your video and add it to the beginning of your program and put your titles to appear over this still image

    OR - You can use a photoshop type program to create a blank color image and drop it into your program and put your titles to appear over this still image.

    OR - you can take separate pictures of you might have of your deceased special person and scan them to create simple jpeg still photo files and drop them into the time line with your video. Then as the still pics of this person appear on the screen your dedication titles can scroll or fade in and out.

    I made a video that combined different corporate office outings and dropped in a few stills of a co-worked who had passed away and I used them with titles to dedicate the dvd to his memory.

    This is simple stuff once you do it a bit so in summary.

    Titles will appear wherever you position them in the timeline for however long you set their appearance to last and the titles can appear over one or more still pictures or a blank created still image or over your motion video.

    Suggestion - at the very beginning of each New Year's event just put a simple title graphic that says something like "New years Eve 19whatever" and let it just fade in - stay visible for about 5 seconds - and then fade out.

    If you will download the free trial ov ULead video studio or if you can find a version of ULead Video Studio that you or a friend received "free" with the purchase of a PC dvd drive/burner we can move from taking general forum space to either Private Messages or direct email and I don't mind spending time trying to help you become accustomed to the program.

    Sorry to have rattled on so long.

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    Thanks again for that information Imjay. I have a genuine full version of Ulead Videostudion 8. I uninstalled this programme, because I could not get the hang of deleting parts of my video with it. I will reinstall it, and try to transfer my edited video files into it, then try applying the titles etc. I found AVS4YOU video editor reaonably easy to use to delete unwanted clips from the video's. You can click on tutorials, and it goes through the whole deleting parts for you. However I do'nt think it has a very good title applicator. Thanks again.

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    Let me know if you need any help with Video Studio - email or this forum thread or whatever is easiest for you.

    I have versions 6, 9 and 10plus and maybe one or two others that I've lost track of but are probably around here somewhere.

    Trimming video - I can give you the four simple steps for scene in and out edit point creation and how to place the different scenes into the basic timeline. It's gotta be simple if I could figure it out and do it.

    Let me know if I can help in any way.

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    Imjay, as I do not know your 'e' mail address, I will continue contacting you via this forum, that is until you get sick of me. I would like to be able to use Uleadvideo 8 for my editing, and I would even purchase an up to date programme, if I could use it correctly. sjj1805 very kindly sent me details in an earlier thread on how to delete clips in ulead. I will explain where my problem begins, and as far as I get, and you may be able to shed some light on what I do wrong.

    Firstly I look in Open Video File, which includes all formats.
    I open my captured file;
    I then drag the beginning (only) clip into the Timeline;
    I then click on the Timeline Icon to bring up the Timeline;
    I go back to file, and click on preferences;
    In preferences clip display select THUMBNAIL ONLY;
    I then view my video in the viewing area to a place I want to cut out a piece;
    I click the white bar, at the top of the timeline, at where I want the cut to begin;
    I then cut with the scissors icon;
    I then watch the viewing screen until I get to the place I want the cut to end;
    I again click on the white bar at the top of the Timeline;
    I then cut py clicking on the scissors symble again.
    I then click on the STORYBOARD view, and see THREE clips in it;
    I highlight the clip at the beginning of the intended cut and delete it and
    click on the second part of the cut to highlight it and again delete it.
    This leaves only the original beginning clip in the Storyboard.
    THAT is where I fall down. On playing the video again, it always stops at the clip where the cut was made, and there does NOT appear to be any more to the video after that. I do apologies for all the trouble I must be causing you, but if I could master this ulead video software, I would be delighted.
    Any further help would be very much appreciated.
    As I have reinstalled Uleadvideo 8, I would like to uninstall AVS4YOU but I am afraid of losing my captured video's.

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    I sent you a PMessage.

    I think I can help make ULead much easier for you.

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