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Thread: cut parts video in encore ?

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    Default cut parts video in encore ?


    It is possible for Encore to cut some parts for my videos on frames that are between a video ? (I mean, not from the beggining or from the end (trim) , or do I have to do it first on Premiere ?

    If so, do I have to generate the trimmed videos on premiere as new files, or I can make something like a "guide to trimmed parts of a video" and import it as an asset or timeline on premiere, without making the real process that makes a new video clip without the unneeded parts ?

    I'm asking it because when you make some home videos you want some nasty parts to be out of your final dvd you know (as when your kid gets the camera )



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    I guess you will have to do that in adobe premiere and then export it to adobe encore.
    You can have multiple clips in encore but not trim them .

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    Default Trim and razor tool in adobe premiere and encore

    Yeah, I just tested it and what you can do with Both is trim the begining and end of each clip, but to cut a video (first you split it with the razor tool, then trim it) is possible only within premiere.



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    You can trim the beginning and end of any clip on an Encore Timeline. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    Yep, the begining and the end it's possible, but that's not what you want, so go for adobe premiere .

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    In the first couple of versions of Encore the ONLY edit you can make is to trim the start and end of a single clip timeline.

    What's worse though is, and I haven't proved this myself but remember hearing it somewhere, is that although it is an edit for what you see when the timeline is played back, the entire timeline (including the bits trimmed) is actually encoded and takes space on the resulting DVD. In V2 onwards you can have multiple clips per timeine. not sure if the editting facilities have 'improved' though.

    So to be safe, do ALL edits in Premiere and only encode the entire timeline in Encore.

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    You don't need to have multiple clips in the timeline, just create multiple timelines and then just reference them so you can have one playing after the other,like they do when you see a small introduction before the movie starts and choose play .

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