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Thread: Grumpy and Dumby -episode 1 - ORIGINAL!!!

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    Default Grumpy and Dumby -episode 1 - ORIGINAL!!!

    Grumpy and Dumby
    Episode 1 : What goes around should come around!

    YouTube - Grumpy and Dumby - What Goes Around Should Come Around

    i hope this time u lyk this......

    thnx anyway...

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    I thought you did a great job with some of the techniques....
    The titles were totally appropriate though unfortunately a bit on the long side (I realise this was needed to fit with the excellent choice of music, but I can't see any way around this other than change the music or have more characters)

    The shots themselves were pretty good, swapping vetween views to show what was going on (guy reading the instructions etc). I wasn't so sure abour the need for the "on the other side" caption .... and I was even less sure about the choice of font... maybe if the titles had been in that font then....

    The flight of the boomerang both through the air and approaching/hitting the other guy was very good - that speeded up, jerky footage was exactly what was required and the sound effect was great. The quality on YT wasn't that great so I couldn't see, did you edit the boomerang on as an overlay?

    Altogether a great attempt - and not a bad little story to experiment with the techniques.

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    It made me giggle!

    Nice short & sweet sketch. I also think that it would have been best to keep all the titles with the same font but, apart from that, it worked well.

    Nice one.

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    thnx for all the comments and now we r trying to find an idea for episode 2, so if anyone hav an idea plz share it with us...


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