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Thread: Jaggies in Premiere 6.5

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    I'm capturing DV from two different camcorders both PAL (a Sony VX2100 and a Sony HDR-HC7) into Premiere 6.5. I thought I'd set all the Project settings correctly, but I just keep getting jaggies on any sideways movement (it's 7 hours of surfing footage and there's a lot of panning etc!).

    Probably naively, I thought I could drag clips to the timeline and render the project to smooth it out. What's even more annoying, is that sometimes I open the project and the capture is quite smooth (i.e. I never noticed the jaggies yesterday and today it's so poor that I don't want to capture anything).

    My PC is brand new (Dell XPS) with ample power and space and I've defragmented the HDs.

    Is this a resolution issue with the monitor? Not wanting to sound lazy, but can jaggies get sorted out at time of Exporting the project?

    Thanks for ANY help in advance!


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    You should not see jaggies on a interlaced television, you will see jaggies when using progressive scan, like a computer screen. To avoid the jaggies you need to deinterlace the footage Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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