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Thread: Speeding up a clip

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    Question Speeding up a clip

    I've got a screen capture of my workflow which clocks in at about an hour and a half, and I want to speed the video up to about 5 minutes in length. I've been trying to use Adobe Premier, but there is a problem with my file (an Xvid-encoded AVI). I can't seem to convert it to a DV type 2 properly, so I can't edit it in Premier.

    Does anyone know how to convert a video like that, or know of another way to speed up a movie clip?

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    Anyone have any idea how I can do this?

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    AVS Video Converter should be able to convert it into a format which Premiere will recognise. I don't know if this is the full version, but here's a free download link

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    There are thousands of programs that will do that, just google for it .
    Someone post here "onevideoconverter" so give it a try .

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