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Thread: troubles with transparentcy

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    Default troubles with transparentcy

    So I import a single GIF with a transparent background into After Effects. Only the transparent background comes up as white. Same thing happens with TIFFs and PNGs. Really weard part is it even happens with PSD files... Any idea whats going on?

    Also, when I export an image sequence FROM AE, I the parts that are suppose to be transparent come up as black. This happens with GIF, PNG, TIFF...

    as a side question, is there anyway to export as an animated GIF straight from AE

    Any help much appreciated

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    I haven't tried bringing GIF files into AE but you need to create an Alpha Channel in Photoshop and use it instead, I think you can also use layers in PSD files and it will ask you (it does in Premiere anyway) do you want to combine the layers (flatten them, that's probably why you are getting a white background) or select a certain layer from say three or four.

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    sweet, that fixes my first problem.

    Now if anyone can help me out with my second problem;
    why is there no transparency in my images when I export as an image sequence?

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    never mind, its exporting with an alpha channel as opposed to a transparent BG. So in photoshop it looked like it wasn't working, but in premiere it's just fine.

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