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Thread: Looking to add another hard drive...

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    Default Looking to add another hard drive...

    I'm a web designer turned video editor as of January of this year... the start-up I am a part of took on another tech guy and I chose to move in this direction b/c it's always been a passion of mine, never had the chance to actually do it. Instead of hiring a professional firm and dropping the money to have them film/edit a couple interviews, we bought the equipment and have gotten over 40.

    We bought a 2 x 2.8 GGhz Quad-Core Xeon Mac with 6 GB 800 MHz of ram a month and a half ago. It has a 320 GB hard drive and I also have an external 1 TB Lacie hd. I'm almost out of room... (We are doing around 2-3 hours of interviews a week so that explains the quick use of space .) Looking to buy another 1 TB hard drive, probably internal since it would make sense to have any project I'm editing be there and use the external for capturing with my MacBook Pro (that's my workflow as of now).

    I've read several reviews on various hard drives with mixed results. Is there anyone with a similar set up as mine that would have some advice on a brand/type of hard drive they've had a good amount of success with?


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    ....... and we are in a similar situation, not wanting fill the hdd up on our 24" intel imac we are looking at an external storage solution.

    Can you connect a firewire external hdd to an imac and still connect an HDV camcorder (FX1 or HC1) by firewire?

    We are really looking at capturing the footage to the external hdd, using it as a scratch disk.

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