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Thread: CLoning in AE?

  1. Default CLoning in AE?

    would just like to know if theres like a cloning tool,or tut somewhere for AE?

    by cloning i mean like putting "me1" next to "me2" talking to each other in the same frame... in the end im hoping to have at least 3 "me's" in the same frame interacting with each other

    i dont this before in studio but with using chroma keying and it didnt turn out as clean as i would have liked it too,but it was also what i would consider my 1st clip i really had to "edit"

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    Its actually more simple than you have suggested.....Set your camera up on a tripod and do three takes, with you in diffrent positions. Allow time for your "fellow actors" to respond. Then in your edit package such put all three video clips onto seprate tracks and crop them off until you have three of you on the screen. If your insisting on using AE, then do the same IE:Import into AE 3 video clips....but instead of croping, mask your self out. This might appear better if you have recorded the duration of your orginal clips from the same point but with no one in frame to use as a "base layer".

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    Would it be possible for you to use someone else to have the conversation with and then mask them out on each video track, so you appear instead of them? It would give better timing and look more real than you just leaving pauses after every sentence if you are only onscreen talking to no one. The stand ins audio could then be edited out in your NLE and your response slotted in place.

    A script of the conversation you are intending to have with your other 2 'me's' and a plan of how they are all going to interact, whether they are going to sit or be standing, will they all be looking at each other or in different directions? If you can plan these setups before hand it will make the finished video more realistic I think. Also if it's possible to use physical boundaries on your set, so that each version of you doesn't cross into the other versions 'zone' it will make the job of masking in post so much easier.

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    The best way of doing this will depend exactly on what will be happening in the shot. Basically this means define your use of the word 'interacting with each other'.

    if the three you's will never overlap then all you need do is film the same thing three times with you in different positions and then composit the versions together using feathered masks.

    If the three yous will overlap, i.e. you walk round behind yourself then you can either do even more careful masking - which basically means rotoscope it whihc will take an age. Best option then is to film in front of a green or blue screen and then chroma key a new background in. Then you can place different yous behind each other as well.

    If by intereact you want them to shake hands or pass somethign to each other then you really have some work cut out for you. I tried this once with varying degree of success. Hmm, I really should revisit that project now I'm a whizz at After Effects and try to do it (more) properly.

    Easiest option is to blue/green screen and then use chromakey. Your problem then is not one of how to 'clone' but how to get the best chroma key mask. Plenty on that around if you search.

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    all great ideas thanks!,ill look around hopefuly ill find a video tut about the masking still really new to this..knowing photoshop a lil really helped me out in this i gotta say though lol

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    if you use adobe premiere you can use crop and four and eight points to do that like i did, have a look . It's not that good my my actor (my son) was only three and i made it for fun but still it gets to the point, maybe i'll make a better one , who knows.
    Here is the link :
    YouTube - BUZZY7596's Channel

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