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    Exclamation DV or not DV

    Hello !

    I have a capture card AverMedia EZ Maker Gold PCI: the main feature for this card is that it allows to capture video in dvd-ready format because it compresses it in real time by hardware. Also, I am able to capture in other formats as uncompressed video but you know, it is space consuming...

    I Know this is a very basic capture card but I want to ask a few questions because I want to achieve a better capture quality:

    To be able to edit the contents in premiere, I change the original mpg file to an avi with virtualdubmod and the software codec for Panasonic Software

    The result is a file in "Panasonic DV" avi format editable in premiere

    Until now everything is perfect... now the questions are:

    I tried to capture the video using software compression with the panasonic codec but the results were not satisfactory, because when I look at the captured video file...

    The video stops for a few seconds, then starts again, then does it again and so on... OR
    the video shows ugly when the recorded contents change a lot (moving camera) OR
    the video and audio are not synchronized...

    I tested it (I always mean the CAPTURE process) on my pentium 4 3.2 Ghz hyperthreading, 1.5 Gbytes ram, Club 3D Radeon 9600, under XP and Vista (same results)

    - With Ulead DVD workshop
    - With a piece of software called "open video capture"

    I think that my system speed is capable of supporting the process , as I am not running more tasks in the system as the capture process.

    Is there a way to directly capture video with my capture card, using the panasonic software codec with good results ?

    I would like to do so because 1- Only one step would be necessary 2- the quality for capturing directly in DV is better than the quality of mpg (DVD ready)... it isn't ?

    If this is not possible, the transformation I'm doing to DV with virtualdub for editing in premiere is a good idea ? there is a better codec I could transform to for editing in premiere ?

    There is a better software codec for capturing via software in DV or equivalent quality ?

    ... I know I have a lot of questions but this is a really disturbing problem I'd like to resolve...

    The other question is more easy 8-D ... If I want to edit a poor quality video, let's say, something from youtube, and edit into premiere, do I have to pass it to 720 x 576 (I use PAL) ?! It sounds strange to me because the original video would have lower resolution... but DV have a fixed resolution for PAL... is it ?

    I really thank you in advance for all your help ,


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    Hi roger - phew !

    Cant really get into detail untill you say what canera you have - it will affect the answer and I am not clear if you are shooting on a dv cam or a dvd cam.

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    I'm capturing from a Hi8 analog camera without digital stuf at all...
    Sometimes I also capture from another video recorder tapes (old but good quality),
    also analogic.

    I don't have any digital cameras with passtrough you know.



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    Red face Help needed

    Please, can you give me some advice about this stuff, please ?
    Thanks !


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