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    Smile clock blending

    I'm trying to make a music video for a class, and I have no experience with editing.

    Yet, I'm trying to accomplish something that might be too hard for me to do.
    How do you blend a clock with the video? I've seen some music videos or movies do this. They have a person waiting, and the clock is faded into the background, but you can see the minute hand and hour hand moving faster so that it seems like the person is waiting for a long time.
    Or is there another way to show that the character has been waiting for a while? (An easier way, perhaps?)
    This music video is a bit childish, dramatic, typical korean drama- type thing. But our teacher loves these sorts of music videos.

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    There are a few ways to do this, they mainly all centre around recording a clock and then the background and then in your video editing/compositing app, put the clock video on one layer and the BG on another layer. Just like in Photoshop use the blend modes to mix the two layers together.

    You may have to try a few combinations to get the desired result. If you want to speed up the clock, then work on it first and render the clip as speeded up. Then lay it on top or underneath the BG layer and again use the blend modes. You could also shoot a clock if possible against a greenscreen and then in your video or compositing app remove the green from around the clock so the BG shows through.

    Again, play around with blend modes and filters to get more effects.

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    Thank you. I'll try this!

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