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Thread: Vegas 8 (and 7) Slow and jerky WMV rendering

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    Default Vegas 8 (and 7) Slow and jerky WMV rendering


    My first post; just found this forum so I thought I'd see if I could get any suggestions; I did a quick search but didn't find anything, my apologies if this is mentioned elsewhere.

    I'm using Vegas 8 (just upgraded from version 7) to render some movies made with a Sanyo Exacti camera. The cameras use a .mp4 format but I convert them to AVIs (using MP4Cam2AVI) before I use them with Vegas.

    The editing process works fine without any issues. I then want to render them to WMV9 format but the rendering process is excruciatingly slow. Vegas seems to render in "chunks" of frames - the frame counter will advance a number of frames (10-100) at a time, then it stops and nothing happens for a number of seconds, then it advances another 10-100 frames, and so on.

    The result also looks fine, but it takes about an hour to render just a few minutes of video. It was the same in Vegas 7.

    Is this normal behavior for WMV rendering? If I use the MainConcept AVC renderer, for example, the process is much smoother, and significantly faster.

    I'm using a Core 2 Duo (2x2.3 GHz) system with 2 GB of memory and Windows Vista SP1.

    Appreciate any suggestions as to how I can make this rendering process work better. Any specific settings I should be using for 1280x720 WMV output?


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    Similar spec PC (except 2.66 GHz and XP Pro) to you - I just tried a simple test.
    Source 10 sec clip avi (rendered in Vegas) 720 x 576

    Output MainConcept mpeg-2 720 x 576 took 5 seconds
    Output MainConcept AVC 720 x 576 took 9 seconds

    Output WMV - 720 x 576 took 35 seconds
    Output WMV - 1280 x 720 took 1 min 46 seconds

    Clearly converting to WMV is harder work and converting to a different resolution in WMV MUCH harder work.

    I realise this doesn't help you much, but you at least it suggests there isn't a problem with your system specifically.

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