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Thread: having problems capturing video, SONY DCR-TRV140 camcorder

  1. Default having problems capturing video, SONY DCR-TRV140 camcorder

    i am having trouble capturing video from my Sony DCR-TRV140 camcorder. i have been able to capture video but the audio doesn't sync up correctly with the video when i play it back on my computer.

    i am using a 1394 cable (i used to use a usb but the quality of the video is SOOOO much better with the 1394), and have tried capturing with several programs, like movie movie maker and power director 6, same results for both of those programs. i have also tried capturing with adobe premiere pro 2 but it won't even recognize my camcorder.

    i never had a problem in the past until recently. also, i used to use a program that when i captured video, i could set in and out points so that i can manually create clips as i am capturing the video, but i cannot remember which program it was... any ideas?

    so basically 3 questions:

    what is going on with the audio not syncing up with the video?
    why isn't premiere pro seeing my camcorder?
    what program lets me capture video while creating in and out points to manually create clips?

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    Are you capturing to a laptop or a desktop computer? What spec has it got? And you are definitely using Firewire? When was the last time you defragmented your hard disk? You say you haven't had any problems up until recently, have you made any changes to the computer with new software or hardware?

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    You may also find some of this interesting, it's a thread started by another forum member in the Hardware Problems section, entitled 'Sony Firewire (i-link) Problems, Anybody'.

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    it's a desktop, custom built with all different components so i can't tell you it's a dell, compaq, etc but it has a pentium 2.4 ghz processor, 2.5gb ram, i don't know other specs you need.

    i am using firewire 194 cable. haven't defraged in about 6 months. i make too many changes to my computer to be able to narrow it down to anything within the last 3 months, which was the last time i captured video.

    i did read through the other thread you mentioned, but it really doesn't apply to me since some programs recognize my camcorder and some don't, while the other thread was referring to camcorders not recognized by the computer itself, which mine has no problem doing.

    any additional help would be appreciated!

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    i just find it odd that i am having the exact same problem with multiple programs, where the audio doesn't sync up with the video correctly. is the a firewire driver, like there are drivers for usb? maybe i can find an update for it or something

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    bump to the top...

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    ok, is there anther site more geared towards sony camcorders, or somewhere else i can go and get an answer? i'd really like to get this footage on my computer soon!!

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