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Thread: Vegas 8.0 Not Working

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    Default Vegas 8.0 Not Working

    When I click on the sony video vegas icon i get this error:

    It just worked the other day and now it doesn't, please help.

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    I don't know what is that error message but you said the app worked perfectly last time, then use F8 key when your booting windows and select last know good configurations or use system restore.

    Try this, before you open the vegas application open the path that shows the error message and delete the files in %temp%. It's a temperory folder so i think deleting will the files there will solve your problem. (or) wait for some gurus to give you an advice about that error message.

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    C:\Documents and Settings\Chris\Local Settings\Temp\udat\upsell.htm

    Even after going here^ and deleting everything it still doesn't work, any suggestions?

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    Doing an Internet search I see a couple of instances of this issue. Are you using Vista?

    Could you post the contents of the upsell.htm file? I don't like the idea of IE attempting to create local COM objects - especially as the example posted on other sites is attempting to create a copy of the FileSystem object - running from the temp directory as well rather than an installed app's directory. The whole thing smacks of malware. Run some scans on your system just in case.

    I gather the file just seems to get re-created. One other idea. Delete the file but then create a completely empty file of the same name.

    EDIT: If you open up Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder c:\program files\sony\vegas pro 8.0 what happens if you double-click on the file vegas80.exe?
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    worse case scenario would be to reinstall it.
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