I have already posted a HELP thread on this site, and have been very grateful for suggestions given and help given by readers like Imjay and CoamCoat, and others. Although I build and repair P.C's as a hobby, I CANNOT come to grips with this editing lark, and I will NOT give up. For this reason I am seeking help from people who edit video's using Pinnacle Studio 9, which I have just installed, having tried several other programmes. In Pinnacle Studio 9 I can:
Get my files which require editing, into the programme, and into the edit section:
The video clips are then displayed in pages 1, 2, 3, of the booklet, at the top half of the monitor,
I can highlight the first scene and watch the video in the preview window on right;
I can also drag the clips, from the page on the booklet, into the storyboard line, at bottom half of monitor,
When doing this, I highlight the bad clips, which I want deleted, and click on the dustbin symble to delete them: and this is where my problem starts:
Each time I get to this point, I try to save my project, by clicking on file, and saving as, before coming out of the programme, but after coming out of the programme, and going back into it later, the edited video is NOT able to be opened, and I have to start the whole project of editing and deleting the clips again.
Any help or suggestions where I am going wrong would be very much Appreciated. Many thanks to all who take the time to help me.