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    Hi, last year I bought a Sony Handy Cam Hi 8 Camcorder which worked perfectly fine for a few months but one day I noticed when Archiving to a DVD recorder there are white specally dots all over the screen which was not there 2 days before...not bad enough to notice badly but when making my DVD's I want 100% quality really...
    I cant check the tapes on another machine so i need to buy new tapes to check...
    If it was to be the camera could it just need cleaning? or do you think it might need repairing? If so can you still get a hi 8 camera repaired or is it not worth it when compaired to buying another hi 8 camera?


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    Try a cleaning tape, I got one from Hama a while back and it worked fine. Just run it for around 10 seconds and then stop it. If that doesn't clear the white dots, then a repair might be in order, which can be expensive to do and possibly more so on an analogue camcorder now.

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    Yeah I see what your saying, probably get a fairly decent one off e-bay cheaper...gonna try everything else first but may have to do away with it! Planning on mini dv anyways just nice to have two camera's for different angles...

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