This may be a dumb question, but the Sony VX2100 manual instructions about white balancing is confusing me, or I'm just missing the obvious as I'm new to this.
I'm doing green screen keying and have proper, bright studio lights on the subject.
To white balance for these conditions it says to use the INDOOR mode with the icon of the lightbulb (or do I use the -ADJUSTING WHITE BALANCE ACCORDING TO THE SOURCE setting?)
So I take the auto lock off, press the white balance button, and then turn the dial to the INDOOR setting.
Is that it? Do I have to push anything else?
The reason I am confused it that it says "if you have selected Step 3" (does that mean INDOOR? as it's third on the list in the manual) then you have to push the dial and wait for a flashing starts and stops.
I need to be walked through this one.
Of course I understand I have to point the camera at a white paper to fill up the entire frame, but do I just linger there for 10 seconds OR push?
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.