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Thread: DVD Subtitles and Softwares?

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    Default DVD Subtitles and Softwares?

    Still looking for an ideal program. One concern of mine is subtitles... I want to be able to have the option of adding multiple languages, be able to turn them on and off and choose which language.
    Any programs out there?

    Any bundled with video editing software?

    Looking for a great video editing software/dvd creator $100-300 range. maybe more!

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    I don't know what you exactly asking for but i know there's a program called subtitler that will create subtitles and put them on to DVD.

    and if you ask for DVD authoring programs then there are many out there but no one promises too much good.

    sony DVD architect good apps but takes too much time to arrange all things together and also asks more space to burn. (personally i don't like it)
    Ulead video studio or DVD factory ____ did you tried these softwares.
    what about adobe premier.

    sorry if i'm off topic.

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    These dvds are for international distribution and I would like to be able to add the most common used languages to the dvd 7 or so not sure yet...

    example someone in china buys the dvd they have the option of selecting their language through the dvd menu... Chinese subtitles run at the bottom of the screen

    I haven't tried those programs yet just cuz I don't feel like putting the money out before i know whats what or if they are able

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    Take a look at the feature set of DVDitPE (PE = professional edition) for dvd authoring.

    It's a bit pricey - like around $600 - but I think it may do what you want.

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    Well adobe encore can do that, i've done it but don't forget if your dvds are going to be shipped abroad to choose the right conversatation (pal versus ntsc).

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