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Thread: PC and Camera Firewire Advice?

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    Default PC and Camera Firewire Advice?

    Hi I was wondering what sort of spec pc you recomend for transfering via fire wire from mini dv....

    Could someone recomend a good PC Proccessor for fire wire not too flashy but one that'll do the job without dropping frames ect

    I want to buy this camera or very similar Sony Handy Cam HC64E but I'm not sure how to judge picture quality with Mini DV...what am I looking for?
    I'm not really looking for HD, I really just want to be able get a clear picture on a 28inch LCD screen, also needs to pick up any fast movements with minimal blurr or skippage....


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    The first PC I used for mini dv capture was based on an Athlon XP 3000 processor, which captured fine with no frame loss. Todays modern dual and quad core processor machines will definitely have no problems. Remember, its not just the processor, a fast hard drive or two and lots of ram will also be required.

    I couldn't find any details on the HC64E, only the HC62E. If the two are the same then it is one of Sony's entry level models. For general use it will be fine, no problem with fast moving images etc. Like all entry models, regardless of manufacturer, the limiting factor to picture quality is the small size of the CCD.

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