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Thread: best software for chroma keying??

  1. Question best software for chroma keying??

    just wondering whats the best software to use for chroma keying?..right now i got stuido 9&11 they are ok but the videos still dont come out as clear as i would like it to...i have LOTS of lights (i think it was like 5 100 watt blubs pointing at me while filming this stuff..) im open for learning new softwares if its sony or adobe ..anyways heres my videos so you can see what i mean...

    you can see what i mean by the fuzzyness in the vids....thats softness set to 0.00 and every setting that i can change for the max effect was changed..

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    i just got FXhome VisionLab Studio Pro v10.01 so well see how that goes...i hear its good for what im looking for ...ill prob just edit the same vid as i did before to see if theres a better outcome or same

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    Hey crazyjoe, chroma application is not that much important but what is imp is to get a clean chroma footage is imp.

    Nowadays many softwares support chroma editing and they are still good.

    Make sure that your footage is captured well will all the chroma set ups so you can edit it further with your editing application.

    For help try this, you get better understanding about the chroma.

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    Respectfully, from the first clip, it look slike you have applied the default keying effect and left it alone after that. Can't know what controls you have in your s/w but either the correct controls are missing or you never touched them.

    To understand what types of controls are needed for a good key I would suggest you pop across to the video copilot and watch Andrew Kramer's excellent video tut on basic keying in After Effects. I have Ae as well and always use his approach.

    I'm not suggesting you go out and buy After Effects, it does have a hefty price tag associated with it after all. What I am suggesting is that you can do worse and that AK's tutorial will show you a few techniques to apply which will help you choose the right keying s/w for you.

    I would like to pick up on one thing you said in your original post though. May just have been a slip of the fingers while typing but in case it wasn't....

    When filming for keying youwill need as many lights aimed at the green or blue background as you do at the talent in the shot. It is equally important to light the green/blue screen properly as it is your actors. Any wrinkles in the cloth and any shadows the actor casts onto the background will make you job much harder. Also do not have th actors stand too close to the background or you will get green/blue relfections off them making keying also more difficult than it should be.

    Hope this helps.


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    thanks for thart link dream!...i was actulluly watching him after i posted this thread lol...

    alan: i wish there was more controlls that i could have messed with studio..but as you can see that alli got to work with..4 bars..i moved each one untill i could get that image i got..
    these are not the settings i had it on but you get the idea ...well i got After Effects so ill give that a try
    thanks for the tips guys ,im really glad i found this place,hopefully this will keep me on task of making videos !!

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