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Thread: How do I sort out my rates?

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    Exclamation How do I sort out my rates?

    Hey ppl

    Im just starting up my services for camera and editing work for the music industry where it involves promos done for atrists, venues, promoters etc, also ill be editing my first music video next week so Im quite exited...but

    ...i wanna know what and how i should be charging for my services spent doing these for ppl for i need it to set me on the straight and narrow.

    Can anyone give me any help or advice on some average charging fees for this line of work? I have to hire camera eqipment so this must be considered.

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    Do you have a show-reel of stuff you've already produced or worked on?
    What sort of experience do you have and what level are your target clients?
    What sort of post wizardry will be required?

    Last thing I want to say is charge 10,000 a job, if you've never done this sort of thing before, and you're making a vid for a local student band.

    The camera hire bit is the easy bit, just charge it to the client on your invoice (and maybe add a few quid for the bother).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick_svm View Post
    So what about the other types of jobs listed in my question - Sharp Visionz Media (under contruction) - UK - House / Drum & Bass / Garage - - Sharp Visionz Media (under contruction) - UK - House / Drum & Bass / Garage -
    I would suggets you redefine your question. I've read through your original post several times and would pretty much give you the same response as MOSH.

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    Seeing the vids on your myspace page just throws up more questions I'm afraid.
    Like, do you have the rights to the promo vids that were used, if not you'll have to get permissions, and possibly pay for the rights.

    Also who does the sound? cos it was all over the place and would need to be sorted ASAP if you're going to be charging people for it.

    Don't make the vids transparent on myspace (or any website), as it detracts from the presentation of them.

    When I'm in charge of that type of shoot, I would spend about 80-120 a day (not per video. I would hope to get at least 2 to 3 interviews on the day) on each of the 2 man crew (dependant on experience), then the same on post as it's not exactly a strenuous job, and all the interviews shouldn't take more than a few hours to capture and edit to that standard.

    Then travel costs on top of that.

    You still haven't answered my questions above. But if the vids on myspace are all you're gunna do, then that's pretty much my final answer, as you can forget the 750 per hour for colour grading.

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