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Thread: WinFast TV USB2 & audio input?

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    Default WinFast TV USB2 & audio input?

    On the pc my only audio "line in" socket also seems to be used as an output socket to the speaker system. Using the USB2 device I can play tv on the pc, along with sound going to the speakers, but if I record tv & play it back, there is a picture, but the only sound I get is from "live" tv, not the recording. The same applies to FM radio, it plays fine on the pc, and presumably records, but there is no sound - so I don't know what the "recording" actually contains, probably nothing?? Does the audio not go via the USB connection? Is there any other way to get the "audio" onto the pc?

    I have checked a few other similar messages in the Forum but there is no real answers to this particular question. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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    unplug ur speaker out of the line in(pink)....odds are it shouldnt be there
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I only have speaker plug connected, to the green socket, the other speaker pugs have been removed & the sound set to "stereo speakers". The microphone socket is now free & the audio min-jack is plugged into the "line-in" socket.

    Before noticing your reply I posted another message under <"line-in" problem> which might explain things in greater detail.


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