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Thread: Problem with blue light caught on video

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    Default Problem with blue light caught on video

    Hi. Was videoing a gig the other evening and unfortunately didn't notice that at some point blue stage lights were turned on. The effect from this light came out very strong on the footage and even seem to highlight the performers' hair blue. Is there any way of toning this blueness down? It's shot on Hd on a Sony FX1 and we've got access to Final cut Pro. Thanks in advance. All suggestions welcome

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    I'm sure you will be able to apply a 'curves' filter and selectively drop the blue channel. But I don't know final cut, so I can't say how.

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    You can substitute the blue channel slightly for black. There are several free filters you can download and install into final cut. It would help if you could post a screenshot.

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    I think the colour correction tool is the way. I use vegas but I would be suprised if fcp donest have similar c correction tools.

    Select the range of blue and then the tool should 'see' the blues you dont want so you can maniplulate them. But all that blue will be changed so watch out for unwanted areas of change.

    In the example I reduced blue sat to zero after selcting a boxed area behind. There is still some blues in the nose but i did this in ten mins so i am sure it could be tuned out. The same technique is good for defringing screened shots too.

    Blue can look cool - maybe see if the band like it as is - saves work.
    ( my nose isnt that huge - it was the 0.35 wide adaptor - honest)
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    If using final cut, you'll want a 3-way color corrector. Click the little arrow below the color wheels and use the 'limit effect' to pick out the color you want to remove. You can hold down shift to add more range to your selection.

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